Johnny Morris Nature Resorts are Designed to highlight conservation, life-long memories and Mother Nature

The best places to discover the great outdoors are at Johnny Morris Nature Resorts. Avid golfers, fishermen and women, hikers and boaters have been visiting us for decades because of the one thing we all have in common – a deep appreciation for the great outdoors. With four resorts and counting, we encourage you to explore what we have to offer and plan your next adventure.



Conservation is at the heart of everything we do at Johnny Morris Nature Resorts. We make conscious decisions and invest in large efforts to enhance the beauty of our natural Earth. Our environmental plan accommodates management practices to promote ecologically sound land management, conservation of natural resources, recycling, composting, water conservation and production through our sustainable gardens.

We’re concentrated on wildlife and habitat management, responsible chemical product use, water management, energy efficiency, waste management, and education and outreach. From creating our own soil to implementing a linen reuse program, being environmentally conscious always comes first

We all Live Downstream.”

- Johnny Morris


Our Founder, Johnny Morris

Johnny Morris, the founder of Bass Pro Shops, has designed each unique signature resort to encourage visitors and their families to connect with the nature that surrounds them and learn more about conservation, just as he has done his whole life. Designed with his childhood memories and conservation in mind, Johnny Morris has created these one-of-a-kind resorts so you and your family can make memories that last a lifetime.


National Hunting & Fishing Day

September 28, 2024

National Hunting and Fishing (NHF) Day brings together sportsmen and women to celebrate the rich tradition of hunting, target shooting and fishing with national, state, regional and local organizations hosting related events. Launched in 1971 by Congress, NHF Day has consistently recognized hunters and anglers for their leadership in wildlife and conservation. NHF Day is observed and celebrated on the fourth Saturday in September every year.