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Valhalla Island Resort Coming Soon Florida Keys

Looking for an island getaway in Florida? We’ll soon have you covered. Coming soon, Valhalla Island Resort will follow in the footsteps of Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri, which offers an award-winning concept that defines the nature-based hospitality market.


The Florida Keys are known as the “Sportfishing Capital of the World” for good reason. Valhalla Island, located between Islamorada and Marathon, sits squarely in the midst of some of the best fishing in the world. This region also casts an extraordinary influence on the history and culture of fishing within Florida, the United States and around the world. Valhalla Island Resort hearkens to the legacy of the legendary Long Key Fishing Camp. Operating in the early 1900s, the camp hosted U.S. presidents, titans of industry, and the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey. It also opened access to fishermen from all walks of life. With a tip of the hat to all those whose contributions paved the way, the Valhalla Island Resort will bridge the Keys’ storied past with the future.


Conservation & Community

Valhalla Island Resort will directly benefit the lower Keys’ backcountry and bluewater charter fishing communities. Visions for the resort include offering both in-house guide services and charter options from the broader Keys. Valhalla represents not just an investment in the facilities and in habitat conservation, but also provides jobs and supports those whose living depends on sportfishing and related tourist activity. The cultural and community component of Valhalla Island Resort is central to its vision.

Half of the resort’s 66-acre layout will remain greenspace. Valhalla, a carbon-neutral facility, will harvest and store rainwater and convert solar and geothermal energy onsite. The low-density design – featuring cottages accompanying a 30-room lodge – is purposefully small and intimate.